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Oracle WebCenter Interaction 10g R3 Foundations Training

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This course is a thorough introduction to the WebCenter Interaction WCI portal. You are introduced to the key functionality of the portal and are shown how to use the portal to help you in your everyday work. You learn how to navigate through the portal, gaining experience as you tour through MyPages and Communities. You see how to customize the look and feel of the portal through the profile and with portlets. You experience WCI's integrated Search to find documents, people and other components in the portal. You also learn how to use the various collaborative features to enable true collaboration in your work. Finally, you learn how to manage information, including documents, in WCI.Learn to:Navigate to and within communities Personalize your portal experience Access all kinds of information in the Knowledge Directory Collaborate using the portal Perform simple and advanced searches, and save searches for future use

  • Describe how the portal supports collaboration
  • Describe what a community is, how to navigate to and within communities, and how to become a community member
  • Describe what the Knowledge Directory is, and how to access information in the Knowledge Directory
  • Explain how to perform simple and advanced searches, and how to save searches for future use
  • Describe the many ways portal users can customize or personalize their portal experience
  • Explain how portal security ensures the right users have access to portal communities, pages, and content

  • Administrator
  • Application Developers
  • Developer
  • End Users
  • Portal Developer

  • Ability to use Windows on a PC

    • Introducing the Portal
      • Portal Components
      • Portal Features
      • Introduction to the Case Study
    • Communities
      • What is a Community?
      • Elements of a Community
      • Subcommunities
      • Joining Communities
      • Unsubscribing from a Community
    • Knowledge Directory
      • What is the Knowledge Directory?
      • Knowledge Directory Contents
      • Accessing Information in the Knowledge Directory
    • Search
      • Search Syntax
      • Search and Security
      • Conducting a Search
      • Advanced Search Techniques
      • Saving Searches
      • Setting Search Preferences
    • Personalizing the Portal
      • What Are MyPages?
      • Editing a MyPage
      • Creating a MyPage
      • Editing Portlet Preferences
    • Collaboration
      • How Can Portal Users Collaborate?
      • Project Components
      • Setting Up a Project
      • Project Documents Overview
      • Project Tasks Overview
      • Project Discussions Overview
    • Security
      • Security Basics
      • Users and Security
      • Groups and Security
      • Levels of Access
      • Knowledge Directory Security
      • Community Security


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