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SQL Server 2008 for Developers Training

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This SQL course is an introduction to Microsoft’s SQL Server implementation of the SQL language and SQL Server Management Studio. You will learn how to query and update a SQL Server database, create simple database objects such as tables and views and to work proficiently with Management Studio.

Upon completion of this SQL course, students will be able to:
  • Query and manipulate data using Structured Query Language
  • Utilize common SQL Server functions
  • Use Aggregate functions count, max, min, sum and avg
  • Use Group By and Having to summarize information
  • Code sophisticated SQL using Joins and Sub Queries
  • Update data with insert, update and delete
  • Utilize Management Studio to query, update and create database objects

  • Developers

  • Familiarity with Computers

  1. Introduction
  2. Using SQL Server Management Studio
    • Starting
    • Running Query
    • Adding line numbers
    • Changing how results display
    • Using Object Explorer
    • Modify table
    • Script table
  3. Introduction to SQL
    • Select
    • Order by
    • Basic Where
    • In comparison
  4. Selection
    • Like
    • RegEx like
    • Calculations
    • Alias
    • Convert for date
    • Year, Month, Day functions
    • Between
    • Embedded Apostrophes
    • Null operation
  5. Dates
    • Getdate()
    • DateAdd
    • DateDiff
  6. More selection
    • Substring
    • Like escaped
    • Concatenation
    • Selecting constant
    • Search on Null
    • Top x
  7. Inner Join
    • Multiple tables on from
    • Table Join
    • Labels/alias for tables
    • Join Keyword
  8. Aggregate Functions
    • Count, Sum, Max, Min, Avg
    • Proper use of aggregate functions
    • Impact of where
  9. Group By
    • Using Group By
    • Having
    • Multiple Group By columns
    • Rollup
  10. Union
    • Definition
    • Order By
    • Union All
    • Intersect
    • Minus
  11. Subqueries
    • Simple
    • Using In comparison
    • Correlated/Complex Sub Query
    • Exists
    • Derived tables
    • Common Table Expressions
    • Cross Apply
    • Inner Apply
    • Function using Apply
  12. Miscellaneous Topics
    • IsNull
    • Coalesce
    • Case
    • Handling Case Sensitivity
    • Soundex
    • Collate
    • Rtrim/Ltrim
    • Left Join
    • Full Join
    • Pivot
    • Rank
    • Dense_Rank
    • Ntile
    • Row_number
  13. Create table and data modification
    • Create Table
    • Data types
    • Varchar(max)
    • Default
    • Insert
    • Drop
    • Merge
    • Truncate
    • Select Into
    • Insert Select
    • Temp Tables
    • Computed columns
    • Identity
    • Unique Identifier


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