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Advanced LoadRunner Analysis v11 Training

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This course covers issues related to examining and understanding the results produced from a LoadRunner Scenario run using the LoadRunner Analysis program. This will include all the steps necessary to produce a final report in Word or HTML format.

This course covers issues related to creating more advanced test scripts and using advanced LoadRunner commands in conjunction with ANSI C functions to solve scripting issues.

Approximately 50% of the class is devoted to lab exercises.


  • Performance Engineers
  • Technical Managers
  • Software Engineers

  • STLR-135 LoadRunner Concepts
  • Some basic programming knowledge would be useful, however it is not mandatory

  1. Opening the Results
    • The difference between LRR and LRA files
    • The default view
    • The Summary Report
    • Graphs
  2. Summary Report
    • Filtering out think times
    • Interpreting the Statistics Summary
    • Scenario Behavior over Time
    • Transaction Summary
    • Modify the percentile value
    • Export Summary to Excel
  3. SLA
    • Configure SLA rules
    • Interpreting the SLA results
  4. Analyze Transactions Graphs
    • The Running Vusers Graph
    • Average Transaction Response
  5. Time
    • Throughput
    • Hits per Second
    • Monitor Related Graphs
  6. Graph Options
    • Granularity
    • Drilldown Options
    • Group by settings
    • Auto-Correlate Tool
    • Merging Graphs
  7. Reports
    • HTML Report
    • Word Document Report
  8. Other Tools
    • Save as a Template
    • Cross with Result
    • View Run-Time Settings


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