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Our dedication to ensuring 100% client satisfaction is LearnQuest's number one priority. We value your time and understand that having certainty in training dates allows you to plan your business priorities effectively. By enrolling in one of LearnQuest Guaranteed to Run (GTR) classes, you can rely on the fact it won’t be cancelled based on the number of attendees. LearnQuest's GTR schedule enables you to manage your training around your organizations' requirements with confidence.


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Getting to Know the IBM Global Training Providers – LearnQuest

LearnQuest is one of the IBM Global Training Providers and is representing IBM in the delivery of Public and Private Training. Find out more about LearnQuest by watching this short 6 minute video and reading the rest of this article on how IDC Ranked LearnQuest in the Cloud, Big Data & Analytics, and Security arena.


Whilst the IDC results are NA focused, IBM is engaged with LearnQuest in multiple countries around the world and provides direct access to IBM Content and Product, in addition LearnQuest is monitored on a monthly basis against quality targets, to ensure our clients are getting the best possible content and quality of training.

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IBM’s SPSS Modeler

Finding the right fit for business data analysis By Itzik Maoz. Director, Business Analytics Practice, Creative Computing, Inc.


It wasn’t that long ago that companies looking to analyze data would hire a Ph.D. or otherwise experienced statistician to sit in a back room and write long lines of code with complex algorithms. That’s no longer the case, with IBM’s SPSS Modeler around to help business analysts to gain data-based insights.


SPSS Modeler is an extensive predictive analytics platform that allows business people who don’t necessarily have any statistics background to perform powerful analytic processes and integrate these processes with their decision management.


What IBM has done is simplify the user interface with an intuitive design. Nodes, which are graphic icons, perform tasks used for data preparation, modeling, exporting and importing.

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LearnQuest Success Story

See how LearnQuest provided a large healthcare company with a customized training solution to educate its newly inherited employees on the IBM System z mainframe, and become proficient in the technology in just 38 days.

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