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Companies today need to drive performance from every aspect of their IT investments. Find out how skills drive performance results and how IBM is building skills for a smarter planet in partnership with LearnQuest.


LearnQuest can help you get the right training for new hires and existing employees. Our network will help you accelerate the growth of skills and training in your organization to improve your business. LearnQuest only provides training using authorized content from IBM.
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The Case for Use Cases

This approach puts user interaction front and center
By Howard Hughes. Practice Lead, Java and Open Systems, LearnQuest


As a developer, you’re tasked with assembling information about what to build and how exactly it will be used. If you’re working in Agile or Unified Process-based development, you’re probably writing use cases. And if you’re not, you should consider adopting this practice.


Back in the old days of IT — when IT was known as data processing — we’d gather our requirements in the form of lists to help us design and build systems. They might be high-level requirements or the specific main features of the systems — what I call the “apple-polishing” stuff. They might also include requirements from the user level or the application level. These SHALLs, MUSTs and WILLs were helpful as a list of statements about the system’s capabilities and constraints, but they were difficult to understand in the context of an actual system with real users and real business needs.

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See how LearnQuest provided a large healthcare company with a customized training solution to educate its newly inherited employees on the IBM System z mainframe, and become proficient in the technology in just 38 days.

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