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Our dedication to ensuring 100% client satisfaction is LearnQuest's number one priority. We value your time and understand that having certainty in training dates allows you to plan your business priorities effectively. By enrolling in one of LearnQuest Guaranteed to Run (GTR) classes, you can rely on the fact it won’t be cancelled based on the number of attendees. LearnQuest's GTR schedule enables you to manage your training around your organizations' requirements with confidence.


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DB2 and You

Indexes are the key to keeping your databases on track
By Hunter Cobb. Lead Instructor, LearnQuest


Since its inception in the 1980s, DB2 has provided easy, flexible access to complex sets of information. DB2 is based on the relational data base model, in which each type of data (customers, parts, orders, etc.) is stored independently in “tables.”


The tables have “columns,” representing the information associated with the type of data stored in the table, and “rows” — each row being one occurrence of the type of data stored in the table. So a customer table would have one row for each customer, and would have information such as customer name, customer address, number of outstanding orders, contact person and phone number.

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LearnQuest Success Story

See how LearnQuest provided a large healthcare company with a customized training solution to educate its newly inherited employees on the IBM System z mainframe, and become proficient in the technology in just 38 days.

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